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Here is my first ever introduction to a video series about my book.

Good morning to all! I hope your day is going great mine is.  This morning I woke up with a mystic thought. I don’t know why my guides put this is in my mind. When I say I woke up, I mean I opened my eyes and had the thought in my mind.  The thought planted was that there are 13 breaths. I’ve seen a youtube video on this topic and it guides you through the breath work cycle, but it was going way too fast for me. I couldn’t remember how to do it. So I guess Spirit wanted  me to refine this even more and break it down into simple steps. I use this  breath cycle exercise morning before I said my morning prayer and  began my meditation. The following is a breathwork ritual you can do to jump start your day and go out the door. Take the time to give your self a breather. This is great to use before sipping your coffee, tea or drinking your juice. You can do this in the bathroom.  The breathing cycles presented here is a grounding tool to ground your spirit before you get going.  It sets your spirit self in within itself giving you fresh oxygen,detoxing out whatever you held in your sleep. *I abbreviate the words Breathe In the nose; Breathe in the mouth; Breathe out the nose; Breathe out the mouth. Between each pair cycle which is breath one though twelve hold for three seconds then release.Do each breath in and out slowly and deeply so you can feel the full effects.

Cycle :   The 13 breaths:

1 :  BITN -hold 3 secs

2  :  BOTM

3  :  BITM-hold 3 secs

4 :   BOTN

5  :   BITN-hold 3 secs

6  :   BOTN

7  :   BITM-hold 3 secs

8  :   BOTM

9  :   BITN-hold 3 secs

10 :  BOTM

11 :  BITM- hold 3 secs

12 :  BOTN

13 :  BITN & BOTN or BOTM -long  deep breath in and out slowly without holding for 3 secs

      I really hope this helps jump start your day or help ground you in your meditation. I also will be using this practice in my own meditation practices for now on. This is what I’ll be teaching my students in a September class. I hope you all will have a great day. So Bess You Be!



Over the couse of several weeks there will be changes to my webpage in design. Also my book Celestial Serendipity is available on, B&N, and

Sleep Dreams are important to us. They help us unlock what is that we need to work on or warn us what we need to stay away from or provide us with mystical messages.  It is important to pay attention to them. So please work on remembering your sleep dreams. get a notebook, ask befoe falling asleep to your angesl or spirt guides to help you remember and write them down first upon waking.  This is an excellent way to get to know your guides and your angels. Before falling asleep, ask for protection from the warrior angels or/and Archangel Michael.  Do this daily. This is also an excellent way to elevate your spiritual self.

To interpet your dream, if you do remember them, I highly recommend and study Carl Jung psychology symbols as well as both Dr. Steven Farmer  and Ted Andrews spirit animal books. Most of all reflect what occurred around you that connected you to a particular dream. I will postmore in a future book about Mystic Gateways : dreamworld is more than just a dream.

P.S. I hope to provide in my next post 2014 projections of events. I’m working very hard behind the scenes to continue tap into mystic realms. Hermes/Thoth, who is highly evolved ascended master of magick, mystic, alchemy, etc, is wanting me to. He is my current spirit guide and teacher.

As described by Helen Demetriou whose info is compiled by ancient texts, Sumerian tablets as translated by Sumerian/babylonian scholars.