As I am being pulled and pushed into my own spirtual calling, I am discovering my soul’s purpose and my past lives are calling out to me. I am stunned and shocked. I am remembering my reason for being here. My ascended masters who bleong to the JAKOBI group(as presented to me in a dream message by a mystic sage) are wanting me to inform the masses that a spiritual war is taking place. No, it is not the mainstream Christian religions view of spiritual war. It is one much deeper and darker and  more subliminal  that has embedded  itselves in the false matrix like a hang nail embedded in a toe.  in my book Celestial Serendipity I call the false matrix the human system.  The human system is a system that was built on illusions, enslaved people of all kinds, created boxes for people to fit in neatly. It is a war that is causing strive within your lives. It is the dark brotherhood (The Powers To Be) who created this human system, a complete separation from their ceators system, the Divine system.  They have used materialism as their choice of brainwashing. Their choice of weapons are the mechanics of subliminal manupliation through television, advertising, hollywood, publishing industry, sexual sensations  of the female body while taking away  women’s  rights, favoritism of beautification primarily based on race (which comes from the Nazi’s view of the blonde and blue-eye as the sole and only true beauty despite the fact majority of the people in the world are of dark hair and brown skin), psychology/psychiatric dowsing of medication based on dark brotherhood’s definition of sanity and insanity(pharmceticual companies), banking, mainstream extreme religions who promote scare tatics such as hell and damnation, etc to make your life an actual living hell.

Many of you, as I walk amongst you and look in your eyes and feel your souls, are weary and tired. You should be, you have been fighting for your soul to have peace. But you can’t there until you move out of the false matrix built by lies by the dark ones (does not rfer to skin color or ethnicity) and move into the Divine matrix, your orginal home where your Creators(Father God and Mother Goddess) gave birth to you. You can achieve balance and harmony through peace.  If you read my book Celestial Serendipity, I offer many insights to get you awakened.  I point you to your own Divine path which is where you came from.  Re-awakening just means Re-membering who you are. It means Re-turning to the Mother Goddess who gave birth to us all including the dark brotherhood and its allies.

So awaken my borthers and sisters and flip on your light and let it shine brightly. Your are Divine Beings, your are god-like. You have a spiritual war  on your planet that needs to be won by you.

Love and Light!

your sister, Ketina, reincarnated High Priestess