ImageHi, celestial blessings to all!

For those seeking for more information about my services please feel free to leave a message down below. I’m working on getting a  more professional website but for now this is all I have. My eamil address is I mainly do one on one sessions for now. I’m thinking about doing a tarot/oracle card online class via skype.  I have a price list for my services along with a disclaimer form to feel out because I’m not a license healthcare professional, but I do healing sessions. Contact me and I’ll email it to you.

A little about me. I wrote a book called Celestial Serendiptiy, self-published through Balboa Press. I do have spiritual gifts aka psychic abilities. My primary communication channels are clairvoyance and claircognizant. I do use all four though. I also have other higher power gifts such as healing prayers. I healed my friends dog but I called on Archangels Ariel and Raphael. So I thanked them. As a reincarnated high priestess, I have gifts beyond a regualr non-earth angel being. Reincarnated means I enter back into the earth again as a high priestess living a different life as a complete different person from my last life. Please check out my book Celestial Serendiptiy.

Can anyone become a high priestess? Yes through Wicca either as a solitary Wiccan or through a coven based on a specific tradition. I do not follow a specific path. I am who I am as a high priestess who was a high priestess on the other side(you folks know it as heaven). My priestessness does not garner over the Wicca’s high priestess. Wicca has a different intiation belief system to become a high priestess. I’m very different. I was born one, according to my spirit guide, Sabrina, who is my main spirit guide who I ask about information about high priestesses.  There may be some reincarnated or incarnated high priestesses who are Wiccan high priestesses or other earth-based spiritual religion, etc. Keep in mind high priestesses existedas far back as in Atlantis. Today, they are spread out everywhere in different branches of relgion, mainly earth-based or yoruba and others.  Iyanla Vanzant, is a Yoruban priestess. There was no such thing as a Wicca religion nor paganism back in Atlantis.  But things are different in today’s time period.  High priestesses in this lifetime have a huge responsibilty with their spiritual gifts.  The ones that I picked up who are  one are using their abilities to teach, heal, and counsel others. It was the way the Goddess aka the Feminine Divine  aka Mother Goddess wants it.  We are here to help out others, and to do what our mother Goddess/ and or God’s work.  High priestesses and priestesses follow a certain goddess or goddesses patheon or not.  Anyhoo, I’ll write more about non-wiccan high priestesses later in a book.

Be blessed everyday!