Over the past several months I have had numerous divine messages on doing spiritual work for a living so far it has been challenging. I was told last year in 2012 by Spirit (synonym for Divine or God/Goddess) to get a psychic reading. I did. I was guided to do psychic readings over the phone. I did that for several months, and I felt unsastified because how psychics are propagandized. Psychic advisors basically get pimped out by organizations to give a quick over the phone reading. The problem with that is I’m old school. I like to explain to people why something is occurring around them to which they may not understand or feel confused about. I learned just recently that I’m not fast enough. I applied for another online psychic job and was told this today by an owner on a much respected and upcoimng psychic site. I felt crushed, but understood. My father, who I phoned afterwards, told me exactly what I didn’t see in myself. I didn’t fit into this quick-paced online psychic readings because I’m more of a one-on-one psychic. It’s true I am. We also both agreed that I needed to use my gifts for counseling rather than a commerical use kind of way. I told my dad I know something that the public doesn’t know.

A lot of the psychics you phone online from the big sites are possibly making up the answers if that client is wanting a two minute or five minute read. I told my dad I can’t give a two minute reading. He said true psychics can’t either. He knows because he is one. He usually spends an hour with his clients. I told him that it takes a few minutes for Spirit in to speak to me directly, or for my higher self to provide a thorough answer for the client. People are foolish for wanting a quick reading with a psychic. We have too many drive-thrus in America: drive thru fast food restraunt, drive-thru cleaners, drive-thru coffee shops and now a drive-thru psychic websites. This spiritual gift is not what it is suppose to be used for.It is not used for entertainment. It really is used for counseling. At least here in the United States, many Americans are in too much hurry for quick answers and that is their biggest downfall now and in the future if they do not learn to slow down and listen to Spirit.

Spirit speaks to us in a loving way. It is God or Goddess(for those who believe a feminine divine like I do).  It is providing us an insight that we ourselves may not see because our minds are too busy filled with  numerous thoughts. So for us to hear clearly what we need  to do we need a more  complete and thorough and long  reading. When you don’t listen -stop and truly listen for an answer or answers- your life will be confusing and  it will be a complete trainwreck. So I decided that I no longer will be appling for  anymore online psychic readings, but I will  provide a more one-to-one 30 minute -1 hour sessions with clients who need to understand their problems on a more wider scope. This is for their spiritual growth. If people do not resolve their karmic lessons in this lifetime, it is a possiblity they might have to repeat them over again in the next life cycle. It is always best to be spiritually counseled by a professional spiritual person for a better understanding in life rather than a quick drive-thru answer. I promise you, if you chose a quick route, you will be missing something very important. So please take the time to get a thorough reading from a professional before making any bold moves in your life.  As for my true spiritual calling, I will stay true to myself and on path and will listen to Spirit. I will call forth my spiritual calling to me as my spiritual gifts flourish while I’m on this earthly realm and working for the Divine for  spiritual purposes.
If you agree, please leave a comment. Add your insight as a psychic/intuitive or as a client. Anyone feels like I do? Or don’t?  Please respect my blog and other people’s comments. Everything you do or say in life is put in your Akashic record or Book of Life. So please be kind and respectful else it will come back to you three times fold like a bommerang  that has been thrown in the air by you. Your words and thoughts hold power over your life. So make them positive and spiritually powerful for you.

Forever be blessed!

Ketina, author of forthcoming non-fiction Celestial Serendipity due out late summer or early autumn.